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After their arrival to New York City (1831), Stephen, and his parents, John (age 70) and Hannah (age 60) immediately continued their journey, traveling further north, arriving in upper Canada (currently lower Ontario).  Upon their arrival they were able to visit with family members Jane, John, Moses, and Robert (Stephen's sister and brothers) who had made earlier voyages to North America.  When it came time to head back, Stephen chose to stay, while his parents returned to England where their older daughter's Hannah and Margaret were living with their families. On September 17, 1832, Stephen wrote a letter to Colonel Talbot inquiring if the front part of a lot that George Cameron owned half of was for sale or lease.  Again, on February 17, 1834, he wrote to Colonel Talbot wishing to buy or lease the south half of lot 5. During this period, Stephen met, courted, and married (July 10, 1836) Clairne Saxton, the oldest daughter of Lt. Colonel William Saxton and Margaret (Peggy) Edison.  They had three children, Helen Jane (1837-1894), Jane Ann (1838-1915), and William Dixon (1842-1825).  All three families were centered around the Caradoc-Strathroy-Adelaide area in Midlesex, Ontario.

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